1. How long are your leases? 
    We offer 12-month leases beginning in August and expiring on July 31 of the following year.

  2. Are we able to sublease our apartment/bedroom? 
    Yes, you may sublease. Your subleasor must complete an application with the leasing office and sign a sublease agreement with the management company and the original lease holder. Please contact the leasing office for more details.

  3. What is included in the monthly rental amount? 
    Our rental rates include water, pest control, sanitation and rental tax (due to being within the Auburn City limits).

  4. What utilities are the residents responsible for? 
    Our residents are responsible for power through Alabama Power and cable/internet through Charter Communications.

  5. Is Renter's Insurance required?
    Yes. You may purchase an individual renter's insurance policy or check with your homeowner's insurance agent. Most homeowner's insurance already covers a child away at school in state. Please contact the leasing office for more details.

  6. Do you lease by the bedroom?
    Yes, but you may choose to lease the entire apartment if you wish.

  7. Do I sign a lease agreement with my roommate(s)?
    No. Our leases are individual. Only the resident and their guarantor sign our leases. The only time you would be required to sign a joint lease with your roommate and his or her guarantor is if you are occupying the same bedroom.

  8. How do I sign my lease agreement?
    Once the application process has been completed, your application is approved, your apartment has been assigned, you will receive an email that states your lease agreement is ready for signatures. From there you will log in through your resident portal and there will be a pencil icon in the upper right corner, that will say “Sign Documents” from there you will be able to view your lease, create your signature and sign the lease document.

  9. Is there a discount if I pay the full lease amount up front?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts for payment in full.

  10. How does parking work?
    Each resident receives a parking permit when they move in or at lease renewal. We do have 15 guest parking spaces along the back fence line of the property, however, they are first come, first serve. Temporary parking passes are available through the leasing office but are limited on game day weekends and issued on a first come, first serve basis.

  11. Can my child move in early?
    In order for your child to be able to move in early, you have the following options: 1) Your child and ALL of their roommates must pay an early move in fee of $500 per bedroom (minimum charge). With this option, management will determine the earliest date possible for move in and provide painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maintenance before move in. 2) Your child and their roommates may move in on the determined move in date set by management. *The above options are contingent upon management approval and may not be available for all apartments/bedrooms.

  12. Why do the outlets in the bedroom not work? 
    The top of your outlet will not work without the extra light switch in the “on” position.

  13. I have moved out. When can I expect my security deposit refund?
    All security deposit refunds are processed after the July 31st move out and will be mailed out to the resident/guarantor within 35 days.

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